Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation are practical tools which may be used to establish or confirm tacit knowledge, to affirm the results of an organizational initiative, or to solve new or existing problems. A research project may also be a continuation or an expansion of prior data collection. Private and public organizations alike can benefit from services such as:

Organizational Assessment: Understanding an organization and its current culture is necessary for effective development. A comprehensive assessment may be designed for your organization, using such varied approaches as documentation review, focus groups, interviews, onsite visits, and surveys, helping the client to pinpoint areas of strength as well as areas for improvement. The resulting report may also be formally presented to stakeholders for further discussion and reflection.

Program Evaluation: Whether targeted for use by consumers, funding entities, government or other stakeholders, data on the impact of activities to enhance education, wellness or general well-being is valuable for program continuation and enhancement. Evaluations can be scaled depending on the program budget, objectives, and scope. Evaluations may incorporate existing or new data, collected through approaches including focus groups, interviews and surveys as well as statistical analysis of quantitative information.

World Cafe: As a collaborative data collection approach, the World Cafe can be organized to incorporate feedback from large or small groups of stakeholders in a rapid manner (see World Cafe Method). If desired, the analysis of stakeholder input may then inform subsequent detailed assessment and evaluation.

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