Organizational Development

When the business routine is no longer enough to move the organization toward its goals, support is available to proactively increase effectiveness and efficiency. For more comprehensive organizational change, unique combinations of the following services may also be developed.

Assessment: Understanding an organization and its current culture is necessary for effective development. A comprehensive assessment may be designed for your organization, using such varied approaches as documentation review, focus groups, interviews, onsite visits, and surveys, helping the client to pinpoint areas of strength as well as areas for improvement. The resulting report may also be formally presented to stakeholders for further discussion and reflection.

Meeting Facilitation: Meetings are an important and frequent activity in most organizations. However, executives and managers seldom have as much time as they would like to organize them. In addition, it’s difficult to fully participate while simultaneously overseeing such events. We offer varied applications of facilitation services, including:

• Strategic planning
• Collaboration and team building
• Conference facilitation and planning
• Process improvement
• Focus groups

Simple, effective techniques can transform meetings into opportunities for effective collaboration.

Program Development: Not-for-profit organizations and public organizations in particular can benefit from this service. Clients may choose to begin with a targeted needs assessment. If a needs assessment is already available, the identified consumer needs and service gaps can be addressed through a systematic process of applying current knowledge and best practice. The desired programs can then be created through a combination of facilitation, planning and proposal writing. Program development can be a first step toward community development.

Project Planning and Management: We can assist you in oversight of your project, thereby helping the organization to meet its unique goals and objectives within existing constraints, and enhancing the ultimate return-on-investment of activities. From scheduling and staffing to evaluation of project deliverables, we will support your work from inception to completion.

Report Writing: A non-profit organization needs to submit an effective proposal to stay competitive. The corporate executive or NGO leader needs to clarify a position on market forces or public policy. An academic must “publish or perish”. These are familiar scenarios; yet, organizations do not always have the the in-house expertise or the time necessary to complete this work. We can provide rapid turnaround for tight deadlines, leaving our clients free to focus more on the content than on the mechanics of writing.

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