Making Diversity Count

Diversity is front and center in discussions around recruitment and hiring, team-building and public relations. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review indicates that the benefits of gender diversity, for example, is realized within cultures that value diversity.

What might this mean for organizations? First, organizations will need to consider deeply how they define diversity. Are all aspects (age, ethnicity, gender, race, varying abilities, and so on) included, or is a limited view in place? Second, it’s not enough to launch a change initiative to promote diversity and then step away from the conversation. Are there assumptions or concerns that need to be addressed along the way? And perhaps most important, consider the long view: Is there diversity among the power brokers in the organization? For example, is information collected to be shared, or hoarded by a few? Likewise, budget and other resources: who’s involved in crafting and implementing those plans, and does “form follow function”?

Building diversity is everyone’s job!

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