With a focus on improving organizational structure and organizational performance, we offer a unique blend of skills designed to help both the individual and the organization to thrive!

By tailoring our efficient and effective approaches, we assist our clients in meeting professional goals in the workplace or in the marketplace. Whether you choose onsite or virtual consultation, you will receive the same great customer service.

From our customers:

Dr. Pasquale is a motivator, intelligent, highly ethical, educator and goes the extra mile to get the job done – a great combination to add to your team. Dr. Pasquale has brought inspiration to our organization. She has a keen mind and will add value to your company.

– Grant-seeker

Laura was a principal collaborator on a quick-turn research project that probed deep and wide into the future possibilities of so-called Living Labs. Under extreme schedule pressure she took a massive amount of research material and my perhaps unreasonably expansive views and turned all of it into a position paper that hangs together well. It was a challenging job really well done. She is a truly consummate pro.

– Client with project in European Union

I had the opportunity to work with Laura on a research project for a client residing in a third location from the two of us. She has an ability to understand very complex topics readily and provide the client with exactly what s/he requested. As we collaborated on conference calls with the client I was able to experience first hand her innate project management “gene” and her ability to guide the conversations so there was a mutual understanding of our deliverables and timelines. Even with last minute changes by the client, we were able to deliver our research paper on time and within budget. I would recommend Laura as a competent, well-versed researcher, writer, and consultant.

– Team member on consulting contract

I have hired Dr. Pasquale on several occasions and each and every time she exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend Dr. Pasquale and plan on working with her for many years to come.

– Executive of non-profit foundation

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